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is an active lifestyle development program focusing on fitness as a fun activity for kids of all abilities and fitness levels. Based on respect, honesty and consideration toward self and others, our mission is to provide kids an outlet for overcoming barriers to fitness, while at the same time, helping them develop social, physical and nutritional habits that will help them grow into healthy, active adults.


Under the guidance of a core team including a Personal Trainer, Licensed Physical Therapist and Registered Dietitian, participants are supported by Students of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training disciplines. Using this well rounded and one on one approach, the focus remains on helping each kid work WITH their abilities to participate in activities that help them establish and maintain a positive self image.


Produced by Helping Kids Together since 2012, the program was created to emphasize the fact that the world is made up of people of all shapes, sizes and abilities but not everyone is athletic or has an interest in becoming the next world class body builder or sports all-star. However, everyone needs to find ways to stay fit and healthy. Developing active and healthy habits at a young age is the key to being able to maintain health and wellness as an adult. And it is certainly a lot easier to stay fit when you are having a good time with friends so we hope your young person will join us.


 We know fitness is achieved through a combination of getting a certain amount of physical activity and fueling your body with the right foods and plenty of water. Unfortunately, these are things not always available to kids because of varying obstacles. Whether faced with physical, environmental, financial, geographical or even social barriers--some kids may find it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle.   


Our goal is to help kids develop healthy and active habits through raised awareness of the benefits of living an active lifestyle and teaching them to use what they already have.

What is your goal?  





"I've seen a growth in self-esteem because of A FIT KID.

My children have discovered that they are able to set and achieve their own goals through dedication and hard work.  They can do it, and can be proud of their own success. 

What parent doesn't want that!"  Sandy 

"Over the years, my daughter has participated in various activities and classes with Helping Kids Together, While she absolutely has loved being involved with these, probably her most favorite were the A FIT KID classes.   It was an amazing experience for her.  She worked on independence, fitness, nutrition, etc. all while getting to make new friends and tap into the knowledge base of the fantastic mentors.  As a parent, I loved knowing that she was learning, getting fit, and making friends all while being safe so I could have a short break.  What she learned in the A Fit Kid classes has stayed with her.  What she learned about fitness and nutrition will help her lifelong."  Lisa
"Helping Kids Together and AFK provide an excellent opportunity for enhancement in many aspects of health, wellness, and fitness. The group has provided the City of Richmond Heights with a dynamic team, which has made a significant impact on our youth population. Helping Kids Together and AFK has truly brought the community together through an excellent fitness program for any fitness level."  Jon, Fitness & Sports Specialist City of Richmond Heights
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These contributors share our vision for a more diverse and inclusive society and make our program possible so if you like what we are doing please support them and their products or services. 
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