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6 Week Basic AFK Session
(Please note our basic AFK sessions are on hiatus while we restructure in 2019.)

Goal 1

Evaluation & Maintenance 


Kids are evaluated by Team to help establish baseline fitness and nutritional habits to help determine best course of action for setting goals and achieving them.  



Goal 2

Better Posture

Help kids establish good posture & form both on a daily basis

and when exercising.  

Goal 3

Building Core Strength

Teach kids ways to build the muscles in the center of the body through exercise and movements.  Emphasis on how a strong core helps prevent injury and keeps

everything else moving. 

Teach kids what foods to avoid for keeping belly fat from forming. 


Goal 4

Weight Management

Help kids figure out how much food to consume to maintain a healthy lifestyle by choosing activities and food to support achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Goal 5

Cardio Fitness

Show kids ways to build cardio activities into their daily lifestyle and consume the rights foods to help fuel the body. 

Goal 6

Toning Muscle

Help kids learn how to stretch tone and build muscles safely and with the right foods.  

Personal Best & Social Awareness


Looking Good    


This two hour class teaches the importance of putting your best self forward through good hygiene practices, neat grooming and proper fitting clothes.

Full Team + Guest Instructors



Sound Body & Mind

This two hour class focuses on developing breathing and stretching routines to stay focused and reduce chances of injury from physical activity and stress related issues.

Full Team + Guest Instructors


Street Smart


This two hour class teaches social awareness out and about and also self defense strategies to use if found in dangerous situations.

Guest Instructors

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