Our Team is a mix of seasoned and future professionals focused on helping kids be the best they can be now and in the future. 

Miriam Rupp, PT, PhD 

Team Lead

Pediatric Physical Therapist @ Mercy Kids Hospital.


Bachelors of Physical Therapy from Washington University

Doctorate of Physiology, University of Buffalo


Previous pediatric work experience:

Illinois Early Intervention Program, Motion Analysis Laboratory @ Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, MN and St. Christopher's Hospital For Children in Philadelphia, PA

As a pediatric physical therapist for 35 years, I have seen dramatic changes in the delivery of healthcare and fitness. In our current atmosphere, community programs out of the hospital/healthcare environment that aim at helping kids with all levels of abilities develop nutritional, motor and social/emotional fitness are rare  These types of programs are instrumental in achieving a common goal of an optimal healthy and active lifestyle and a harmonized world. 


A Fit Kid brings an integrative approach in a family friendly, safe environment to ALL children to empower our kids to become healthy and independent adults.  All children are welcome to learn, live and have fun while meeting new friends.  The staff goal is for every child to have a positive experience and grow through successes.  It is my honor to work in this program and with a great staff in a community environment.

Liz Erker, MS, RD, LD

Team Dietitian

Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Coach @ Signature Medical Group

Master of Science in Nutrition from Saint Louis University.

Nutrition Analyst LLC

Clinical Dietician @ Jewish Hospital

Member of the American Dietetic Association

Juice Plus, NSA Virtual Franchise Distributor

Take Shape for Life Certified Health Coach

As a Registered Dietitian who has worked in the field of nutrition education for more than 25 years, I have been with Signature Medical Group since 2008 and enjoy my role as a health and nutrition coach leading numerous patients to a healthier lifestyle. Keeping fit is an important part of my own life and I take great pleasure in helping other people develop a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Dalton Greyerbiehl

Team Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Program of Physical Therapy Class of 2019

Physical Therapy Student Council President

Physical Therapy Student Ambassador

Doisy College of Health Sciences at Saint Louis University

My name is Dalton Greyerbiehl and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I am currently working on my doctorate of physical therapy from Saint Louis University and work as a NASM certified personal trainer.  Working with A FIT KID has been an absolute privilege. It is safe to say that the memories and friendships made over the last year will last a lifetime. One of the most unique aspects of A FIT KID is how it brings ALL kids together, no matter what level of ability, to achieve one common goal: living a fit lifestyle. Though it may seem simple, there are several barriers that can prevent kids and teenagers from living a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, A FIT KID strives to provide kids with a family-friendly environment, teaching them how to properly engage in exercise and eat healthy foods, while doing this in a fun and exciting manner. Health and fitness has been a passion of mine for several years and being able to share this with a younger population has made my time with A FIT KID that much more special.

Bailey Flynn


My name is Bailey and I am a Physical Therapy student at Saint Louis University.  I'm originally from New Orleans and have lived in St. Louis for about four years now. I've loved being a Mentor with A FIT KID because it shows kids with all sorts of abilities that they can be active and enjoy exercise. It's awesome being a part of the kid's fitness journeys and seeing their growth and progression throughout the weeks of each session.


Aaron Perez


PT, DPT            

Board Certified Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy

Certified in Health-Focused Lifestyle Intervention

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


I am a physical therapist working in Southern Illinois. I have a strong interest in lifestyle intervention and population health and am an advocate for inclusive built environments that encourage physical activity and support a community of health for all members. 


I have had the privilege to work closely with teenagers with disabilities and believe that exercise is crucial for all populations. I think “A Fit Kid” is awesome because it unites two unfortunately often separate populations, those with and without disabilities, towards achieving a common goal: becoming more fit and having fun.


I am unaware of any similar organizations and do not believe many exist because of the unique challenge that is presented when developing a group exercise program that is not only fun for the participants but also challenging yet adaptable to the specific abilities of each individual which vary greatly. However, I believe that an organization like “A Fit Kid” is not only possible, but necessary in today’s society. Furthermore, I believe the personal, social, and cultural benefits associated with social diversity which “A Fit Kid” promotes extend far beyond the physical benefits that exercise alone can achieve.

Sharon Basinger, Sensei

Street Smart Instructor

Karate StL Director and Chief Instructor

State of Missouri Shibu Dojo Director for Beikoku Shidokan Karatedo Association

Sharon began training in Shidokan in 1989, and has been the director/chief instructor at Karate STL since its inception in 1995.  She attained the internationally recognized and documented title of Shihan (certified instructor), and rank of 6th Dan (black belt degree), awarded by world-renowned Grand Master Seikichi Iha, Hanshi 10th Dan (right), and the Okinawa Shorinryu Karatedo Association.  Karate STL and Basinger Sensei are under direct supervision & guidance of Iha Sensei, who is the Director of Beikoku (North America) Shidokan Karatedo Association.  Basinger is that Association's Shibu (branch) Dojo Director in the state of Missouri.  She also actively oversees two Fuku Shibu* (sub-branch) dojos,  comprising four separate training locations, in addition to Karate STL.  Basinger previously studied judo, and other styles of karate but she and her late husband, Gordon Basinger, concluded that Shidokan not only promised but also provided the authentic training and philosophy they had been seeking all along.

Mia Maksimowicz

Program Assistant

High Schooler

Co-Founder Helping Kids Together

Production Intern Variety Children's Theatre 2010-2017

As the motivating presence behind all HKT programs, Mia helps with program coordination, recruitment of team members, social media and general duties to help keep our programs moving forward.  

Amy Barnes

Progam Director

Director A Universal Design Project, Inc

Founder Helping Kids Together

Realtor® Real Living Gateway Real Estate

2014 Recipient of First Awarded Certificate of Completion

IDeA Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access

University of Buffalo

A FIT KID was started as a pilot program of Helping Kids Together in 2012 because of the want I have for my daughter Mia to be fit and healthy and how important it is for her future as a person living with spina bifida.  


It came to be after many years of going back and forth to physical therapy appointments and realizing she also needed a personal trainer, some social interaction and not another isolated appointment in a clinical setting.  Our new program had to be a blend of physical therapy and personal fitness but it also had to be fun and real.world.: all abilities in a public setting.    


Now in our 6th year, it is a program built on influences from all the hats I wear in my life..  It has evolved into a comprehensive team of health minded professionals and future leaders  in their fields of study to help us produce our program and help kids find fun ways to stay fit and healthy. We remain focused on promoting access to fitness and nutrition through universal design because fitness is for all. 


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